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january 2008: it is with pride and great pleasure that we can announce we have been awarded 1st prize by +xm-plusform 2007: architecture in Calabria - U40.

we presented casa joras judged to be best project and meeting the favour of the jury because of its eco-friendly design, as it recycles rainwater and has solar panels.

april 2008: the site has opened on the german and belgian border for the “ZeitenWechsel-Kultur(t)raum ohne Grenzen”, exhibition for the kukuk association. this is the programme of the exhibition that will open on may 18th and close on october 19th.

may 2008: our installation for the “ZeitenWechsel-Kultur(t)raum ohne Grenzen” exhibition has been completed and inaugurated.

belgian television aired a report on the event in its news programme, featuring our tree house used as an original stage for the concert, which marked the offical start to the event.

march 2008: our project has been selected for the call for paper for “sustainab. italy-energies for italian architecture” for italy’s participation in the london festival of architecture 2008. the event was created and promoted by the ministry for culture and heritage - directorate general for the quality and the protection oh the landscape, architecture and contemporary art - MAXXI . museum of 21st century art, in collaboration with the ministry of foreign affairs - directorate general for the cooperation and promotion of culture - and the italian cultural institute in london. the event will open on june 24 at 7 pm at the italian ciltural institute in london.